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Over the last several decades, the Earth has felt the hardship of human life against its soils. With pollution, the destruction of forests of many varieties around the world and the increase of endangered native vegetation in many of our national parks, it’s not difficult to see why one designer has decided to leave his mark on the Earth by leaving the legacy of a tree.



Gerald Modine is a designer who created a recyclable urn that grows a tree from ashes. When your ashes have been placed in the urn, wildlife will grow instead of a tombstone, which in turn helps repopulate the Earth with trees.



The urns are created out of recycled materials and a coconut shell, with the idea to help replenish the Earth with forests and oxygen-producing life. For more information on recycling services and helping the environment, contact Evergreen Recycling at 702.646.1446.


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Many businesses have acknowledged the benefits of incorporating recycling into their business model. Here are some examples of how companies and other entities around the globe are joining the recycling initiative:

Business recycling initiatives


Verizon Wireless turns old wireless phones and accessories into support devices for organizations dedicated to helping domestic violence victims. This recycling initiative has been appropriately named HopeLine.

Patagonia clothing company began accepting returns of worn clothing to recycle into new fabric and products in 2005. The Common Threads Partnership is a cornerstone of this company’s philosophy.

California metros going green

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Some major cities have even joined the evolution of the green movement. The California metros of Los Angeles and San Francisco have instituted a ban on plastic bags for shopping. This reduction in the use of plastic significantly reduces plastic waste.

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Spring is right around the corner, which means everyone will be spending more time outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and mild weather. Use these recycling ideas to spruce up your outdoor space for the upcoming season.

(1) Recycled Wind Chimes

Wind chimes constructed from recycled materials

Source: etsy.com via Galadriel on Pinterest

Reusing materials for wind chimes

Source: craftster.org via Marina on Pinterest


These recycled chimes are constructed with a variety of items including wire, beads, stained glass pieces, and scraps of metals. Use your imagination to create your own set of chimes for a garden or porch.

(2) Recycled headboards and footboards

Garden gate from upcycled headboard

Source: statigr.am via Joy_and_John on Pinterest

Add some charm to a garden or flowerbed with a used headboard or footboard.

(3) Recycled light fixtures

Bird bath from recycled light fixtures

Source: redeemingcreations.com via Ruby on Pinterest

Use wires or chains to turn discarded light fixtures into bird baths. Hang them from a staked hook or from your porch roof. Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor spaces.


These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about using a little ingenuity to freshen up your garden and yard as lovely weather begins to break.

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Plastic bottles are bad for the environment

In today’s society, there are a number of things you can do to help keep waste to a minimum while also replenishing the planet. More than ever, recycling efforts are on the rise, urban gardens are gaining popularity, and the “green” movement is spreading rapidly. However, if you’re looking to cut out small and potentially environmentally harmful actions, then look no further than the following list, which will jumpstart your efforts to making the planet a better place for you and generations to come.

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1. Rid Your Home of “Throw-Away” Items

When you’re shopping for your kitchen, remember to avoid buying plastic wrap and tin foil, as well as paper plates and plastic utensils. These are harmful for the environment and produce more waste for landfills.

Eating with plastic utensils

Source: images.search.yahoo.com via Oly on Pinterest

2. Avoid Pre-Packaged Items and Single Serves

Make sure you buy your groceries in a way that you avoid things like single-serving packaging, juice boxes, and individually-wrapped fruits and vegetables. Bring cloth grocery bags to the store to double up your efforts.

3. Sanitizers From the Store

While many of us are on the anti-germ bandwagon, using hand sanitizers in plastic bottles will only continue to build up unnecessary trash. You can make your own hand sanitizer from items around the house.

Make your own hand sanitizer

Source: noordinaryhomestead.com via Daimi on Pinterest

4. No More Water Bottles

If you live in an area where your water is a little on the funky side, don’t opt for water bottles. Instead, use a water service where containers will last weeks; or reuse the same water bottle and just wash it to avoid the spread of germs.

5. Recharge Your Batteries

It’s absolutely unnecessary to continue to purchase throw-away batteries when you can buy rechargeable batteries and a recharger.

Recharge your batteries!
recycling bin
recycling logo

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Critics of recycling perpetuate many myths to discourage the practice of sustainability. Here is an overview of some of the most common myths associated with green initiatives.

1. More energy is used to recycle than to make things from raw materials

The truth is that recycled products save not only energy but also water in many cases. Obtaining raw materials requires a vast amount of energy and results in serious pollution issues. Recycycling requires far less energy expendeture than obtaining raw materials.

2. Recycling costs more than having a disposal company just haul away trash

Trash collection fees are actually disguised by government subsidies, so what you pay does not reflect the actual cost. Landfills are consistently being maxed out and, as a result, taxes are being levied against landfill usage. These costs are being passed onto consumers. How does recycling cost more for consumers in the whole scope of things?

3, There’s really no point in recycling because everything eventually has to go to a landfill

This myth stems from the fact that improper recycling can result in a contaminated batch, which must be discarded. However, as technology becomes better at sorting, and as the public becomes more active in participating, recycling is becoming far more efficient.

As recycling becomes more efficient, and more facilities are established, the benefits of recycling are easier to see.

Do you participate in a community recycling program? Share your thoughts below.

bottle christmas tree

The holiday seen is close at hand. Grab a glass of wine or cup of hot cocoa and add some cheer to your home with these ideas for DIY holiday decorations made from recycled materials sustainably and creatively.

1. Ornaments made from plastic bottles

recycled christmas decorations - sao paolo

Photo Credit: Mimi Anderson via Flickr

It’s difficult to believe that recycled plastic bottles can result in such lovely decorations.


2. Christmas Tree made from glass bottles

Beer Bottle Tree

Photo credit: fixedgear via photopin cc

Careful arrangement of glass bottles result in a unique Christmas tree.


3. Christmas Tree made from plastic bottles

bottle christmas tree

Photo credit: Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi via Flickr

These recycled bottles resulted in a colorful Christmas tree creation.


4. Snowman made from plastic cups

plastic cup snowman

photo credit: Vasenka via photopin cc

This snowman consisting of paper cups is all smiles.


5. Christmas tree made from books

Tree constructed from books

photo credit: shawncalhoun via photopin cc

This tree display can be created with that encyclopedia set gathering dust in the attic.


Gather those bottles and cups and get inspired to integrate recycling into you own holiday decorating.

Most people recycle by taking cans, bottles and papers to a local processing center.
Cano Espinoza recycles by building a castle out of used goods. When his neighbors started complaining about his pile of beer cans, Cano decided to do something unusual about the problem. He’s used over a million cans, plus recycled tires and hubcaps, to create a towering structure in Antonito, Colo.Building Made of Recycled Material

photo credit:  SLV Native via photopin cc

Eventually, Cano plans to connect the castle to his house, but for now the castle exists just for visitors. Hiss can castle is located at the corner of East 10th Avenue and State Street. Visitors are welcome, but interior tours are not currently offered. Cano asks for donations from tourists who speak with him, but no admission is required.

House Made of Beer Cans

With consumers clamoring for eco-friendly building materials- everything from sustainable bamboo floors to recycled glass countertops- some home builders are thinking way outside the box when it comes to home construction, much like The Million Beer Bottle Temple.

Such is the case with Houstonian John Milkovisch, who began building a house out of beer cans in 1968. Milkovisch flattened the beer cans and then used them to line the exterior of the house, with a similar function to aluminum siding.House Made of Beer Cans

photo credit: cybertoad via photopin cc

For 18 more years, Milkovisch continued to cover the house with cans, even draping some as decorative garlands from the roof. He says that he himself drank most of the cans of beer that line the house, though friends helped out with the consumption and recycling from time to time.

Now the Beer Can House is covered with over 50,000 cans and is a permanent exhibit in the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art. It is open weekly for tours.


Clean up your image, clean up our environment.  Many people think that taking on social responsibility and efforts to better our society and environment is just a publicity stunt, using the opportunity to better a business’s image, especially after a public conflict.  Well, while many might think this, social responsibility is not just a publicity stunt, but is, as the name says, a responsibility that many businesses owe our society.  You can admit, however, that doing so does look good on the business’s public relations, but that should not be the main driver for doing so.

Southern Nevada is becoming a highly populated area, especially with a large tourist attraction such as Las Vegas, which brings in millions of tourists every year.  It is easy for highly populated areas to become cluttered and trashed, but Southern Nevada has been doing a fine job of making efforts to clean up our region.  And, at Evergreen Recycling, we help commercial businesses do their part to clean up our environment by recycling in Las Vegas.

At Evergreen Recycling, we mainly specialize in Las Vegas roll off containers.  Depending on the size of your business, we provide you with the right sized bin.  And, to make things even easier on your business, we also transport the recycled materials back to our facilities for you! While it may seem like a minute impact for your company to take on our recycling services, every little effort makes a truly large difference in our environment.  Evergreen Recycling is one of the premiere Las Vegas recycling centers helping businesses clean up their environment…and their image.

In addition to commercial recycling, we also provide recycling services for construction projects.  If you call us in, we will come to your construction site and sort through any demolished or leftover materials and take any salvageable or recyclable materials back to our facilities for reuse.  If it helps our environment, we’ll be there!

Be socially responsible.  Help your company, but more importantly, help our environment.  Order one of our roll off containers today at evergreenlv.com and you will be halfway towards cleaning up Las Vegas.


In the past two years or so it has been very common for retailers to have a reusable, canvas bag option at their checkout stands, costing no more than a dollar or two.  “Paper or plastic?  No, thank you, I have a canvas bag.” Why are people doing this, you ask?  Well, it is just another small effort towards the recycling movement our society has engaged itself in and another way to reuse recyclable materials.  Maybe people have realized how large their carbon footprint is and they are doing their part to reduce energy consumption?  Whatever the reason may be, we applaud it because we are all about reusing our earth’s materials.commercial recycling

This is because, at Evergreen Recycling, recycling materials for further reuse is exactly what we do!  While residential and personal recycling is highly encouraged, our efforts are on a commercial level.  Since 1997, we have been helping both small and large businesses of the greater Las Vegas area and Southern Nevada take on recycling programs.  One of the premiere Las Vegas recycling centers, Evergreen Recycling offers all the services you need to do so.  Let us explain!

Our Las Vegas roll off containers are our specialty at Evergreen Recycling.  We offer different sized roll off containers suitable for the size of your company, ranging from 10 to 43 cubic yards.  In addition, our transportation services collect your recycled materials and take them back to our facilities where they are sorted and packaged before being sent off for reuse.  Really, all your company has to do is sort your recycled materials into the Las Vegas roll off containers you rent from us.  It’s simple, easy, and a great step towards the recycling movement.

At Evergreen Recycling, we are dedicated towards helping clean up our environment and joining the recycling movement.  Trying to expand recycling in Las Vegas, we are here to serve you and your company.  Looking for a business offering dumpster rental Las Vegas?  Well, you found it!  Check us out at evergreenlv.com to order your roll off container today!