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Top 3 Recycling Myths Plaguing Green Initiatives

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Critics of recycling perpetuate many myths to discourage the practice of sustainability. Here is an overview of some of the most common myths associated with green initiatives.

1. More energy is used to recycle than to make things from raw materials

The truth is that recycled products save not only energy but also water in many cases. Obtaining raw materials requires a vast amount of energy and results in serious pollution issues. Recycycling requires far less energy expendeture than obtaining raw materials.

2. Recycling costs more than having a disposal company just haul away trash

Trash collection fees are actually disguised by government subsidies, so what you pay does not reflect the actual cost. Landfills are consistently being maxed out and, as a result, taxes are being levied against landfill usage. These costs are being passed onto consumers. How does recycling cost more for consumers in the whole scope of things?

3, There’s really no point in recycling because everything eventually¬†has to go to a landfill

This myth stems from the fact that improper recycling can result in a contaminated batch, which must be discarded. However, as technology becomes better at sorting, and as the public becomes more active in participating, recycling is becoming far more efficient.

As recycling becomes more efficient, and more facilities are established, the benefits of recycling are easier to see.

Do you participate in a community recycling program? Share your thoughts below.

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